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We can support you with:

Building executive presence

Defining your leadership voice

Nailing your elevator pitch

Interview prep


Relationship building

Public speaking engagements

Periods of career transition and growth

Eloquence is a communication coaching service, enabling professional growth and personal empowerment through strategic storytelling and communication delivery skills.

Speak with purpose

Everyone of us has a unique story, skillset, and trajectory that has led us to where we are today and influenced where we want to be in the future. Not all of us, however, have been given the know-how to communicate our value and purpose with cohesion and confidence.

This is where Eloquence comes in. 

Our coaching sessions focus on strategic storytelling and communication delivery through impact-oriented and confidence-building strategies.

What is communication delivery?

It is the way you speak. Communication delivery coaching focuses on the physical and vocal skills that translate to being understood as confident, poised, knowledgeable, and engaging.

What is strategic storytelling?

An outcome-oriented method that helps you gain clarity on your objectives and structure your speech so that no matter the workplace context, your conversations always communicate your goals and ambitions.

Companies we've worked with

What our clients have to say

All-around amazing experience that exceeded my expectations and was exactly what I needed. Most effective 75 minute time and financial investment I've made! Eloise is clearly a total pro. I felt really good interviewing - and I got the job!

– Miranda

Eloise caught so many details, big and small, that kept me from performing well. She also has a delightful personality which puts you at ease. This is the best professional investment I've ever made.

– Diana

I didn't feel like she was helping me because it was her job. I felt as though she was sincerely trying to help me to reach my goals and overcome any challenges. She catered the sessions to my needs and didn't just follow a template. I would absolutely work with her again.

– Mena

Services we provide

Interview Coaching

The skills you have to do the job are not the skills you need to land the job.

Communication Coaching

The way you speak in the workplace is a catalyst for career advancement and opportunity.

High Impact Coaching

Designed to build executive presence and to communicate like a leader.

Corporate Training

Designed to teach skills at the company level and provide executive coaching.

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